Synapsify API

For developers who wish to integrate Synapsify’s unique text analytics functionality into their own applications or services we offer an easy-to-use REST API. The API accords with the principles of REST, and all communication between the API and client applications is encrypted through HTTPS.

Use Cases

The Synapsify Core API is based on a core set of linguistic algorithms, utilizing natural language and semantic processing, machine learning, etc. It has been designed to be as flexible as possible, and can be adapted to enable its users to find the most meaningful, salient and signal rich content in order for end users to focus on the content that matters for faster and more accurate insight and understanding.  The Synapsify API is suited for any enterprise, agency or group requiring analysis or moderation of, or insight into, content – for example media outlets, publishers, market research companies, analytics companies, or even government agencies. A typical use case involves voice of customer insight analysis.


Synapsify currently offers pricing plans tailored to individual clients, at very competitive rates.

For further details on our pricing and billing plans, or if you have any other questions concerning Synapsify’s services, please contact us using the form below. 


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