Our Users Teach Our System and Our System Teaches Itself

The Process 

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Unstructured Text 

We take the world's unstructured text in the form of customer satisfaction surveys, focus group comments, social media data, call center notes, news articles, blog posts etc.



Ideanet creation

As users tag and annotate their data through our Web Application and API, we create IdeaNets that can be applied to future analysis and services. 



Structured text 

From these IdeaNet models we structure text by calculating the strength of relationships between comments, which allows us to rank and prioritize content. 



The structured text built from the IdeaNets can be accessed through our API or Web Application. In our Web Application, structured text is presented in data visualizations that help guide users to understanding the Core of their content. 

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labeled data 

After the labeled data has been verified, it can be used to update and train new IdeaNets, which can be accessed in The Synapsify IdeaNet Marketplace. 

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