AVA, Twitter and Amazon Feeds, Saved Reports, Enhanced Filtering, Spreadsheet Virtualization and New Beautiful Visualizations

After months of hard work, we are really excited to tell you about the newly released features of Synapsify Core, our voice of customer analytical tool designed to help marketers, analysts, researchers and their organizations get to the heart of their customers’ story- faster and more accurately. You told us what you wanted and we listened.


Have you ever wanted your own analytical assistant? Imagine if you had someone who can help you with your insight work by pointing you in the right direction, enabling you to get your job done faster and more accurately. Well, let us introduce you to AVA, your new analytical virtual assistant (AVA) that comes built in with Core. With her on, AVA will provide tag recommendations based on how you have tagged your other comments. The more you tag, the more AVA learns from your behavior and provides suggestions, helping you form more connections and getting you through your content more efficiently. With AVA, you can now apply mass tags to keyword searches to uncover trends and hidden insights. You will question why you didn’t have someone like her at your disposal before.


No Twitter Firehose? No problem. Our customers wanted to dip into Twitter for a snapshot of the tweets, topics and issues they were interested in and we delivered. Search for keywords and hashtags through our Twitter feature to get up to date on the latest conversations about your brand, competitors, and industry trends. Your search results upload automatically into Core to jump start your analysis.


Curious about what people are saying about your products or your competitor’s products? Stop reading all of those reviews in an unorganized way. Get a quick overview and analyze up to 200 reviews straight from, all organized and ranked within Synapsify Core.

Saved Reports  

You work hard to discover your insights and you should have your work saved in one place for easy access and future reference.  With our new Reports Page, all of your reports are now safely in one place.  Start a project and save it for tomorrow to continue your work and pick up where you left off.  Access them anytime you want (and don’t worry, they are only accessible by you).

Enhanced Filtering

To achieve true insight, you need to slice and dice your data in a flexible way.  Our enhanced filtering control panel now gives you that ability in spades. Filter (and reverse filter) all of your comments and views by relevance, favorites, sentiment, tags, signal score, cluster name, and even time, in order to customize what matters in your analysis.

Virtualize Your Spreadsheet

Integrate information relevant to your project by displaying additional columns contained in your uploaded spreadsheet to your Core workspace. Create automatic tags from your inputed data.  This is important if you are exporting from another social media analytics platform. Why lose that data in your analysis? Bring it into Core and maximize all of your previous work (whether done personally or by computer). Enhancing your analytical flexibility is the key and Core brings that power to you.

New Visualizations

Lets face it, we are visual beings. Visualize, interact and engage with your data through Core’s enhanced and beautiful network graph. Discover similar comments and easily identify outlier comments and comments you have not yet annotated all with AVA’s help.

With these features and more, Synapsify Core equips you with a focused workbench where you can get through your analysis in a fraction of the time,  increasing your productivity and allowing you to get to the heart of your customers’ story faster and more accurately.

For a demo of Core, contact us today and we would be happy to show you how Core can accelerate your insight. If you want to try it for yourself, please request for a 14-day free trial.  We think you are going to love it!