They’re alive, all around you. Stories about your brand are constantly racing through our current 24/7 online world, some amount to nothing but white noise, but some are developing robust voices. The ones with hundreds of retweets, pages and pages full of comments and more likes than you’ll ever dream of having on your Facebook profile picture, are the stories companies need to understand thoroughly to provide value for their customers. 

To capture the heart of the story your customers are telling, companies must identify and develop a full understanding of the each of the key components of the story.


  • What is the medium through which the story is being told?
  • Where is the story being heard and perpetuated?


  • What is the plot of the story?
  • How will viewers react to the story?
  • Is the plot understandable, simple, or complex?
  • What messages are rising to the top and gaining momentum and attention? 


  • Who are the major and minor characters in the story?
  • What are their motivations driving them through the story? 
  • What can you do to fulfill the needs of these characters?


  • What sparked the incident and what is the obstacle or reaction your customer is experiencing? 
  • What caused the tension rise?


  • Are there themes relevant to the story?
  • What are driving those themes?

While understanding the elements of the story according to your customer is essential, you also must determine whether the story has resolved. In the case of an unresolved story, devote resources to identify what you can do to make sure matters are explained and a solution is found. Once you develop an understanding of the elements of your story, the next step is to make sure you are using the right tools for the most efficient and actionable analysis in identifying your on-going brand story.

While you may not be the individual authors, you can serve as the editor and facilitator in ensuring the story being told is advantageous to your business and objectives.

A virtual ongoing manuscript is being submitted to you everyday…are you glossing over it or paying attention?