Our research has shown that despite advances in technology, 89% of voice of the customer analysts are still engaging in manual analysis to understand what their customers are really saying.

We have been working hard in listening, testing and creating a product that allows marketers, analysts and researchers to get to the heart of their customer’s story- in a fraction of the time

It is now time to reveal to you all the results of our dedicated work these past several months.

We are excited to introduce Synapsify Core, a web-based virtual assistant product that takes social media posts, user and product reviews, survey results and your other voice of the customer comments and identifies the content that matters.

Getting started is easy and free! Register for your free Core account and upload up to a 1MB CSV file to start analyzing your content. From there, our engine will recommend and organize your comments by relevance and themes, while you can tag, annotate and filter results according to your needs.

Core elevates the five to ten percent of your content that matters. The more you tag and annotate, the closer you get to understanding what customers are saying- our confidence interval lets you know when you’ve tagged enough content.

Stop wasting time on content that is irrelevant, redundant, and spam and create your free Synapsify Core account today and start accelerating your insight and productivity!