We’re read countless articles about the challenges and struggles of analysts and observed them pouring over spreadsheets in attempts to piece together the heart of their customer’s story. 

To learn more about the current practices and challenges facing the voice of customer and research industry, we conducted an industry survey of 70 insight professionals and gathered recommendations from six (6) experts to create “Piecing Together the Story: Synapsify’s Annual Voice of Customer Survey and Insights.” Below are some key findings from our survey and some insight from our expert contributors:

What are the challenges and common practices and in processing and understanding this data?

  • Respondents regularly performed manual analysis of this content regardless of their use or reliance upon listening platforms and insight tools
  • Their need for manual analysis was primarily driven from their concern over the accuracy of their current tools for insights
  • Traditional positive, negative and neutral sentiment is insufficient for their need to uncover meaningful consumer insights
  • The most difficult part of their tasks was in the problem of too much to read and separating the signal from the noise in their data

To what extent is human analysis involved and why?

  • You always need human analysis to come up with approaches and actions in response to the data, but technology is incredibly important in identifying themes and categorizing that data to begin with.”
                                  – Blaise Grimes-Viort, VP of Social Media Services at Emoderation
  • To truly get at the meaning of these conversations, to understand what customers are thinking and what to do about it, one must see the context and the nuances, which requires a human and subjective perspective.”
                                                                                    – Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld

Our goal with the eBook is to have our readers walk away with background knowledge on the state of the voice of customer and research industry and ways to elevate their current methods of analysis for better business insight. You can access your free copy here, we hope you find this content valuable and welcome any comments or feedback!