We presented our survey on collecting, analyzing and reporting on data from the voice of customer and research industries to one of our experts, Vanessa Jamieson, the Director of Analytics at Way to Blue, an international communications agency delivering insight-led strategy and creativity for global and local brands. Here’s what she had to say:

Multiple data sources increases accuracy 
“In terms of data collection, I increasingly am seeing and advocating for data integration across data sources—whether this be consumer surveys, brand trackers, or social data. The triangulation of integrating multiple data sources increases validity and accuracy.”

Online dashboards enable flexible analysis and reporting
“In terms of findings, I am most excited by 43% of the sample sharing online dashboards as a primary reporting format. I believe that this figure will increase as data/reporting platforms evolve and allow users to revise and integrate their own commentary and analysis and effortlessly publish and share this information with their key stakeholders.”

Despite an increasingly automated world, manual analysis is still necessary
“That 68% of the sample are conduct some manual analysis of data suggests to me that:
1. Automated unstructured data analysis products on the market currently aren’t sufficient for users’ needs, and/or 2. There is some element of manual analysis that is indeed necessary and inherent to this type of data analysis. Additionally, I believe that some level of this manual analysis ensuring that keyword filtering are producing accurate results, and as such is being used as a validity check.”

To dig deeper into the results from our survey, check out our eBook “Piecing Together the Story,” where we gathered insight and recommendations from experts in the voice of customer and research industry to help analysts elevate their current methods of analysis for better business insight.