The Problem 

Too much content, not enough time. Organizations are being buried by waves of unstructured data and are overwhelmed with trying to understand what is being said about them, what they're employees are saying, and what is being said about their competitors. 

Who We Are

Synapsify is an award-winning technology company that builds applications that semantically reads and learns from written content similar to humans, for accelerated discovery, insight and recommendations. We're proud to be backed by leading investors such as ICG Ventures, Middleland Capital, Fortify Ventures, and the Maryland Venture Fund and have been named one of the "Top Data Startups to Watch" by Forbes and been awarded the GigaOm Structure Award for Text Analytics. 

how we are different 

We create solutions that allow humans to do what they do best. 

Recognizing nuance
Identifying emotion 
Applying context


We create solutions that allow machines do what they do best. 

Ability to scale 

Our vision is to allow anyone to apply and benefit from machine intelligence without the need for technical expertise or resources resulting in true actionable insight and discovery.

We have discovered that most insight professionals are still manually analyzing their data, which is time-consuming, painful, and does not scale. Synapsify allows users to break free from manual analysis with our user-centric analytical tool that learns from your analysis without any training or setup.