We rank and learn from written content


Synapsify is committed to helping organizations understand their data by building user-centric applications that can read and learn from content similar to a humans. 
We enable accelerated discovery, insight, and recommendations from the world's written content. 


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What users have to say about us

“Synapsify with its unique technology really enables a market researcher to quickly unlock the value from consumer verbatims which are traditionally difficult to process but often the most insightful. For us, Core has become a “must have” for our insight work when dealing with open ended survey verbatims.”
— Rich Fryling, Managing Director for Product of the Year USA
“Our social strategists are able to develop actionable insights on tens of thousands of customer conversatons in a fraction of the time. Synapsify helps us find the signal in the noise.”
— Dorice Piriano, Business Analyst at LiveWorld

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Are you looking for a better way to analyze your customer or employee data without relying on black box algorithms that require intensive training and maintenance?

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Would you like to be able to spend more time on generating recommendations and less time tediously coding open ends in your spreadsheets or by hand? 

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Are you looking for an efficient and accurate way to create more value for your clients by being able to discover insights in significantly less time? 

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Would your clients benefit from the the rich insight available in open ends and other voice of customer content that you are otherwise ignoring our outsourcing?  

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